How to care for leather shoes?

Smooth skin care.

For smooth skin, you can use special creams (colorless or tinting). The most versatile skin care product of any color is a colorless shoe polish.

Polish, like creams, is applied with a special sponge for shoes on a pre-cleaned of dirt and dust product. If you want to add shine to your shoes - after applying the polish, rub it with a flannel or fur cloth.

Matte skin care.

Polishing or cream is not suitable for matte leather products.

For protection, you can choose a water-repellent nanospray, this same spray will protect against dirt and dust.

Matte skin can be wiped with a damp cloth WITHOUT alcohol and allowed to dry or dried with a soft cloth.

Old dirt can be cleaned with foam.

CAN NOT wash leather shoes in the washing machine.

CAN NOT wear shoes with polyurethane soles at temperatures below -15 - the material may freeze and crack.

Take into account the seasonality of the operation of shoes. Wearing shoes in snowy weather can cause salt and other chemicals to settle on the surface, which are used by utilities to accelerate the melting of snow.

If this happens, immediately clean the skin with a damp cloth several times so that the salt does not have time to be absorbed; dry, completely clean the skin from stains with foam and apply appropriate protective equipment.


Suede, velor and nubuck shoes should be taken care of before use, using appropriate sprays to protect against moisture and dirt. If the material is still dirty - use foam.

Velor, nubuck and suede are cleaned only in the dry state. If you get caught in the rain in suede shoes, first let it dry completely, and then remove dust and dirt with a special eraser. Due to this, the structure of the hairy skin will become rough again. Also, in addition to the eraser, there are special brushes, which on the one hand consist of rubber "fingers" - clean the surface, and on the other have a metal pile - comb the area of suede that has slipped.

IMPORTANTLY! Use any skin care product only as described in the instructions for use (for example, DO NOT leave cleansing foam on the product; otherwise the skin will absorb it and leave a stain), and "test" the product on inconspicuous areas of the product.

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Always take care of your shoes, your Leonchenko!