180 calendar days from the date of purchase of the goods, this is the number of days the warranty on our goods. Yes, you read that correctly. Why so much, you ask?

Because we are confident in our own products and we want you to feel the same. In cases of technological defects of goods that do not depend on the buyer, we provide a free service to eliminate them. We accept only clean shoes (no traces of dirt, dust, etc.) for repair. In addition, we carry out post-warranty repairs (replacement of insoles, laces and even soles). We service and repair only products of our own production.


  1. Defects that appeared during operation in conditions that do not meet the purpose.
  2.  Mechanical damage (burns, cuts, scratches, etc.) during operation.
  3.  Deformed shoes as a result of improper wearing, drying, washing.
  4.  Damage due to contact with chemicals and other defects caused by the buyer.
  5.  Uneven skin color or texture characterizes its naturalness, not a defect.
  6.  Requirements for the quality of shoes that have been used out of season - are not accepted.

Breakage of the skin in the places of the greatest inflection, which are formed in the process of forming shoes on the foot, are significant consequences of shoe use and are not a defect (these breakages can be minimized by proper shoe care - click below).



You can always exchange goods that for any reason did not suit you, within 14 days of purchase, in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, provided that the integrity and originality of packaging and goods.

  • Used goods cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • The product is manufactured according to the individual order of the consumer cannot be exchanged or returned.


All exchanges and returns go through our warehouse.
To make an exchange or return, please check the goods for traces of operation, integrity and originality of packaging and goods, then transfer the goods by mail.

Recipient's data: Kyiv, New Post Office 188 Melnyk Elizaveta tel: 380637793501

After sending, please report the TTN number to Instagram or any of our messengers.
In case of exchange, delivery of the new product is carried out after receiving the previous product back.

* Funds for the goods are returned within 7 days after its actual receipt.
**Shipping is paid by the sender. Exclusion, exchange of goods due to the fault of the seller (wrong size, color, etc.).

Always with Respect and care for you, your Leonchenko!