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Leather Women's Oxfords

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Traditionally, shoes made by our workshop have a rich history, so oxford shoes are no exception.
It is not known for sure who is the author of these shoes, but they appeared in the middle of the 18th century and, as you might have guessed, they were originally from Great Britain. The shoe got its name because it was very popular among students and teachers of Oxford University.
Over time, the fashion for oxfords not only did not die out, but on the contrary, more and more different versions of this iconic shoe appear every year.
The main feature of oxfords, which distinguishes them from other types of shoes, is the presence of closed lacing, while, for example, derbies have open lacing.
Not so long ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, oxfords with decorative perforation or broging came into fashion. Our workshop offers just such shoe models for production.

Women's oxfords provide more opportunities to create a bright and stylish wardrobe. These shoes can be combined with clothes of almost any style.
If earlier oxfords were considered classic shoes, now they have already begun to have a less formal meaning.
Modern bright color combinations, the use of suede and velor in production, in addition to the massive and light sole, allow you to wear oxfords not only for business meetings, but also for a walk or to a pub.


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