Leonchenko is, above all, a family

Leonchenko is a family. We are from Kyiv and our production is based in Kyiv. Every business has its beginning. There are those who started it. Our master craftsmen are a couple who have been tailoring custom-made leather goods for over 25 years. Many years ago, they began to lay the foundation of our brand, mastering the professions of seamstresses, shoemakers, cutters, and technologists. P.S. Of course, at that time they could not have imagined that together with their children they would have their own brand for the production of leather shoes and accessories. But those years gave invaluable experience: in the correct selection of raw materials, combining different textures, colors and materials. Back in 2017 at the start of the launch of line production, they were our only masters, they were the whales that hold our whole business. They designed, manufactured, finished each product, packed, shipped. Today, they are the ones who can make a pair from start to finish if needed. But there is no successful business without delegation and distribution of responsibilities.

Experienced masters

Our shoes are not only made of quality materials, they are filled with the experience of our craftsmen. Over the years of work in studios, workshops, and theaters, our masters have selected the characteristics that the pad should meet in order to be as convenient as possible for the Ukrainian consumer and which we can adjust, paying attention to the individuality of your foot. We have learned to complement fashion with comfort. For example, the trend for a massive sole - we choose polyurethane or lightweight thermo-rubber for it, so that the beautiful sole does not weigh down the feet. We have learned to recognize leather that quickly wears out and deforms during use, so when choosing leather for our shoes, we avoid such specimens. Our experience creates shoes for you, after which you will understand that even a classic model or heels can be as comfortable as sneakers. Thanks to skills and professionalism, you get shoes, bags, wallets and other accessories of excellent quality and comfort.

Our master Serhiy develops new models, goes through all stages of testing with them. By handing over to production, he controls each stage of production and can take it over if necessary. And also, as befits any business owner, they draw and fill themselves with ideas even while resting. These moments are priceless. They fill the business with soul and then, it's not just a business, it's your business. A matter of a lifetime.



Master Natalia - if you want a leather accessory, you should go to her. development Production. This is all hers, she can produce not only a linear model, but also develop and give life to a new individual product. If you have been dreaming of such a thing for a long time - write, we will be happy to realize your idea. Usually, linear production does not provide any individuality, features, highlights, etc. But we managed to bypass this standard.

What sets us apart from the rest is giving you the opportunity to express yourself through handmade leather shoes and accessories. We always emphasize that you are an individual and you should choose things that are as individual as you are.

Making shoes and accessories with your own hands is a painstaking and long process. This requires special skills, experience, dexterity, knowledge of technologies and properties of various materials from the master.


Making shoes with your own hands is a painstaking and long process. This requires special skills, experience, dexterity, knowledge of technologies and properties of various materials from the master. All our products are handmade. This does not mean that no machine work was used.

This means that the product is not made by the assembly line method, but by the master personally. The main advantage of handmade shoes is high quality. A good craftsman can see things that cannot be seen with automated shoe assembly, such as small spots on the leather, cuts, etc. The craftsman diligently and carefully works on each seam and can evaluate the result of his work as a whole. Handmade boots or shoes are, by definition, a high-quality product.

Another advantage of handmade shoes is convenience and comfort. Our shoes do not need to be worn for a long time and painfully, we select comfortable insoles, thanks to which the shoes sit flat on the foot without rubbing or squeezing the foot, and we can also make individual adjustments when making your pair of shoes.

Natural materials

The shoes and accessories produced by us are always made of genuine leather, nubuck, suede or velor. Without artificial coating. Why natural leather?

We support conscious shopping, that is, we want our shoes to stay with the owner as long as possible, not for one or two seasons, but for many years, that is why we make classic models in a modern way and that is why they are made of natural leather, because so far it is the most wear-resistant material that guarantees that your foot will breathe, it will be comfortable and after a year your shoes will not be in the trash.

In addition, we choose conscious production, that is, we do not sew huge batches in order to fill the shelves of the showroom or our warehouse, we sew to order so that the shoes are 100% necessary for the owner.

Production of shoes to order

Your size or desired color is out of stock? We will make your chosen model to order.

Among our colors there are standard ones, in which we have presented almost every model of ours, and there are those that will perfectly reflect your outlook. There are those that coolly combine with each other, creating a unique combination. But in addition to the material of the top, you can choose a different sole, for example, for Chelsea, as in Derby, or vice versa. You can choose the color of accessories, laces, fur.

And of course, most importantly, you can choose

C O M F O R T .

If you have non-standard fullness or a high rise, a protruding ankle (this is like a professional disease of Ukrainians, by the way, it often appears due to uncomfortable/improper shoes) - write about it when ordering, we will take the necessary measurements of the foot together and adjust your pair at manufacturing