Dear Ukrainians, in this difficult time for us, we continue to work providing shoes to those who need it. Everything will be Ukraine!

Our team is actively cooperating with volunteers and started making shoes for the Armed Forces and the SRO. Currently, 15% is deducted for tailoring from each sale of our product range footwear for our defenders.

Everyone has the opportunity to join in helping our army and providing soldiers with shoes, together to victory!

Ukraine above all

Handmade leather shoes from a Ukrainian manufacturer

Leonchenko - family craft production of leather shoes, bags and belts.

Our team's mission is to make people understand that:

  • comfortable shoes from the first fitting - this is normal.
  • stylish and beautiful shoes - can also be comfortable.
  • classics complemented by trendy elements will delight you for many years, and conscious shopping is cool.

Virtually every item in the range of our brand can be made with individual wishes in mind: product color, material, combination of top and sole. Leonchenko masters can also take into account the features of the foot, for those who have a high rise or wide fullness. 

Leonchenko closer to the classic shoe models. In our range exclusively leather shoes: women's and men's derby, slip-ons, sneakers, chelsea, loafers, topsiders, and winter boots with natural insulation. We also combine classic models with modern trends: massive soles and bright colors.

Shoes are the final element in the image. It can either improve the overall impression or spoil it. Therefore, it is very important to choose shoes that are worth you.

Four days to make and you will go to a new couple who did not lie on the shelves waiting for their buyer.