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Leather shoes - Ukrainian manufacturer Leonchenko

Who are we?
Leonchenko is a Ukrainian brand that creates men's and women's leather shoes and accessories. A family workshop, which we strive to pass on to the next generation of Leonchenko.

Our mission.
To debunk the myth: "beauty requires a sacrifice", to inspire people to choose and create shoes and accessories that reflect their individuality.

Respect for everyone (both client and employee, partner). The perception of everyone as a person and individuality, which we can convey through our product. Convenience. Durability. Relevance and relevance. Honesty and courtesy.

We are proud of our work!

Leonchenko is a qualified and experienced team that carefully creates high-quality and comfortable shoes. Season after season, we try to create bright novelties so that every customer can find their best pair of shoes. We work with endless enthusiasm and dedication to ensure that every pair of shoes we create reflects our craftsmanship and your unique style. Our team is constantly improving their skills and using everything to ensure the maximum comfort and satisfaction of our customers. And regardless of fashion trends, we always remain true to our mission - to make high-quality and reliable shoes that will please and serve you for many years.


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