Women's leather shoes

Quality women's leather shoes, what is it? One in which even after the most active day there is no fatigue of the legs. After all, the comfort of shoes is one of the most important factors that affect your mood throughout the day. But what does comfort depend on? Completely and completely from details: material of a top of footwear, material of a lining, insoles, wear resistance, softness, lightness of a sole, practicality of lacing and height of the footwear. Also, all these details create an overall look, allowing you to look stylish, appropriate and easily complement almost any fashion image. 

Our workshop offers to make women's shoes that you do not want to take off. We provide an opportunity not only to buy women's shoes, but also to take part in its creation. You can always combine colors, texture of leather uppers and choose the sole. In addition to standard models, we offer the opportunity to make shoes to order, taking into account the characteristics of the foot, which is best suited to the client. Our catalog presents a collection of women's shoes for any season: derby and chelsea boots, derby and loafer shoes, topsiders and sneakers, clogs and mules and many other models. Every season we try to create trendy novelties for you. 

You can buy stylish and comfortable women's shoes in our online store Leonchenko or in our showroom in Kiev. We deliver goods in Kiev and throughout Ukraine by postal services or courier. Payment is possible both by prepayment and after receiving your pair of shoes

Order women's shoes in our online store Leonchenko and from the first fitting you will understand that beautiful and stylish shoes can be even more comfortable.

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