Topsiders have their own history, as do all the shoes made by our workshop. It dates back to the 1930s. Their inventor is considered to be Paul Spory. He bought a yacht and could not find suitable shoes that would not slip on the deck and leave no traces on it. After a little experimentation, he managed to create leather shoes with white corrugated soles, which later got its name - topsiders.

Characteristic features of this shoe is a thick corrugated white sole with a solid lace. It extends along the heel of the shoe, fixing the foot and tied in front on a very conditional bow. Since then, topsiders have enjoyed popularity and gained their fans far from the white decks of luxury yachts.

These shoes in a casual style have proven themselves in the daily lives of fashionistas around the world. First of all, topsiders were exclusively a male model of footwear, but now it is made for both men and women.

Topsiders should be worn without socks, but if barefoot shoes are contraindicated for the feet, then they can be combined with short "footprints", which in turn is more hygienic. Our Leonchenko workshop offers a choice of topsiders for every taste, both in bright colors and in classic shades to order.

**Кожна пара взуття виготовляється індивідуально, якщо ви бажаєте виготовити пару топсайдерів в іншому кольорі або зробити комбінацію кольорів, просто повідомте нас про це. Ціна від цього не зміниться.

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